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The last few years have been very difficult for our Country, but as we are all building toward going back to “normal’ it is important to understand how the SARS-CoV-2 virus, otherwise known as COVID-19, has affected our businesses and lives.  Unto this endeavor, we, here at Double Duty Commercial Cleaning offer the option of “disinfecting” your facility, office, church or business and remove the possibility of this nasty virus hanging around on your work surfaces, chairs, desks, doors, etc.

We now offer 3 Levels of Disinfecting Services to ensure that your business, office or church is ready to safely function again:


Hand Disinfecting: Our commercial staff is professionally trained to use AF315, which is a virus killing disinfectant cleaner. We will wipe down all the surfaces that you would typically touch while managing your workday in your business. We are happy to review which surfaces you want disinfected and ensure that our staff will do a thorough job!


Fogging Disinfecting: Our highly trained professional staff can come into your business after hours and do a planned walk through to fog your business with disinfectant. We have a variety of fogging machines as well as electromagnetic sprayers to ensure we are killing germs on every surface. Even those low traffic touch points.


We offer the option of combining hand surface disinfecting and following up with fogging to ensure every surface is covered in your facility. We recommend that this service be conducted over a weekend to allow this process to completely coat all the surfaces in your facility top, bottom and underneath.  Following is a research statement sharing why we recommend this service and how it works.

Based on recent research the COVID-19 disease is primarily caused by airborne transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.  However, it is also believed that the virus may be transmitted via contact from contaminated surfaces. Due to this factor, it is important for businesses and all types of public facilities to be routinely cleaned and disinfected of potentially contaminated surfaces to limit the spread of the disease. Any business where team members or clients are in frequent contact with surfaces, whether they are chairs, desks, tables or other surfaces, should consider both an efficient and thorough way to disinfect them. Due to the substantial outbreak of COVID-19, the use of electrostatic sprayers (ESS) and foggers to rapidly apply disinfectants over large, complex, or intricate surfaces has increased substantially with the need to ensure clients that it is safe to venture out and visit our businesses. While ESS have been used for many years in several other industries, particularly in the efficient application of pesticides to crops, it has recently grown in popularity as a technique to efficiently and rapidly apply disinfectants to surfaces.  With the continued need to assure that our businesses are as safe as possible, especially with the additional variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus,  we offer these add on services at the frequency you request.

How does ESS Work:

ESS (ElectroStatic Sprayer) devices impart an electrostatic charge to the disinfectant spray droplets, which occurs when the droplets exit the nozzle of the sprayer, with the goal of improving the distribution of the droplets onto surfaces.  The objective of this process is to efficiently cover the area that needs to be disinfected.  Because the droplets are electrostatically charged, they not only cling to the tops of surfaces, but also to the sides and even underneath desks, chairs and table tops. This attribute may be both an advantage and disadvantage: an ESS may allow less disinfectant to be used to cover a surface area, but with less disinfectant applied, disinfection efficacy may diminish if the surface does not remain wet for the required contact time. Because of the necessity to ensure that the surface remains wet for the required amount of time to be completely effective, we highly recommend that this service be contracted for either an overnight or weekend implementation. 



It is our Business to ensure that you can not only put your best foot forward, but that you can also do so with the full knowledge that your business is spotless and ready to open its’ doors every Monday morning. We want you, your staff and your clients to feel comfortable whether they are there to work , get a check-up, worship or recreate….everyone should be able to enjoy their life no matter what your day entails!

Give us a Call Today to schedule an appointment to discuss these options for your business! We look forward to serving you and helping you keep your team and clients comfortable in your facility!!